Restoration of a Stuart 600 - Nigel Mcburney      

My wife Heather purchased this Stuart when the late Charles Hudsons collection was sold over twenty years ago, Charles kept it mounted on a block in an old stable, where it was set up to run a dynamo and a compressor. The dynamo was set up to charge batteries and the compressor was used to run his models on air. Whenever Charles had visitors or an open evening for club members the Stuart was always the first engine to be started so that he could demonstrate the steam models, so Heather and I knew it was a good working engine. The set can be seen in the book "Stationary engines for the Enthusiast -fig 151 " and in Stationary Engine Magazine No 47 Jan 1978 .

It was absolutely covered in oil and grime but it kept on working and the only rust was on the exhaust flange. The bright parts had at some stage been coated with a thick coat of varnishThe engine did not have the correct Stuart cast sub base ,it had been mounted on a stout timber block..  to be continued

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