Have you done any restorations recently in which you took photos and would be interested in telling the website viewers about it? We are looking for more content for our website from you the enthusiasts and would be interested in putting an article up from you about your most recent restoration project.  All you would need to do would be to gather a few original photographs hard copy or digital it doesn’t matter (if they are digital please send us originals so we can resize them for the website) and write to us about how you restored your piece of machinery.
Wouldn’t it be great if there were a new restoration project each month that you could read about which you never know might help you in your future project. 


In the first instance email  with your text and pictures.

If the photographs and / or your text are in hard copy post them out to:

Webmaster, c/o  Alan or Lynne Cullen - here



Don’t forget to think of us when you are restoring your next project! We would love to hear from you  

NEW - Restoration of A Stuart 600 by Nigel Mcburney   parts 1-4 

part 1        part 2       part 3        part 4

Restorations Archive - 2010 and earlier - HERE

Video Restorations - all years - HERE

Covid-19 "Lockdown" Engine project Pages - what we did during the stay at home phase and beyond 


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