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So it goes like this - For the last few years I ( as webmaster) have been asking group members for photos and descriptions of their latest restoration /engine project , in order to update and keep fresh ,the "restorations" page

The request has so far fallen of deaf ears as the last restorations on the website are from 2010 but that is the way of the world I am afraid , what makes it worse however,is I am as guilty as anyone else,for I have not posted details of any of my own projects either !

So sitting here thinking of things to do whilst " not going out" during the Covid -19 "Lockdown" I thought why not request our members to send in details of the things they are doing engine wise,whilst staying at home and not going to shows/rallies as most of them are cancelled .

It would also serve as a way of keeping in contact with other members and show others that things do not always have to grind to a complete halt is situations such as this .

Any further contributions for this "project" gratefully received    - Kevin

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Last Updated: 19th September 2020
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