Alan and Lynne’s Lockdown Projects Page 1

 Lockdown Projects

During this lock down period we have been catching up doing jobs that we would not normally have time to do.

First job was to spend some time on the small engine we acquired several years ago which we call our “Dockyard” engine as it was made by an apprentice at Portsmouth Workshop’s in the 1920’s .Alan purchased this from a friend along with original drawings and some Black and White photographs.

As I no longer have the facilities for welding, on discussion and checking the photos I persuaded my Friend Malcolm of Classic components to stitch some of it together for me. We then added the petrol tank and fan to cool the engine before mounting the magneto. This was rebuilt by Matthew Rees , cosmetically it is nearly finished. Remaining task is to install the carburettor and fuel lines and in time hopefully get it running, So watch this space.

Next came the Moffatt Pump that was sent from Australia for my 70th Birthday. We rubbed it down took it apart checking all was OK and re assembled it and undercoated it in red primer but it has had to go on the back burner as need to find and perhaps purchase some pipe fittings before we can check it pumps OK, and then we can give it its top coat before we mount it on a trolley that we have also worked on in the mean time.

The Lister “D” with a Bruston flywheel     which runs a small generator had to have     a new head gasket and the valves ground in. This was done in a rush during last season and a quick lick of paint was all time aloud. Now it been stripped down and repainted along with new transfers and the trolley rubbed down and varnished . It all works and looks very good.

Our next project was a Pump that we have been trying to find out about (some people think it may be a boiler feed pump of German origin ) The paint was looking rather tied so that was stripped down to bare metal , treated and repainted back in red as we feel it suits the pump.

Other projects from the Stationary engine side that we are planning on doing are putting the original Moffatt MV3 back together as we used its trolley for the MV2 ¾ for the first few months. Also the Villiers/Lister pump set needs a cosmetic tidy.

Amidst all that we have resurrected a job started 25 years ago never say you should hurray a good job. After commentating at Newton Abbott raceway in Devon we went to Brixham for the evening to have some Fish & Chips. The local council had just installed some new seats facing the harbour and we found them to be very comfortable and Alan thought he would be able to make. So we took the measurements and noted the height , Alan then made up the iron work and painted them and tucked them away under his bench ready to finish one day. Back at work at the Crawley factory the Plant department were stripping out a large laboratory area and several benches were to be scrapped so Alan got a scrap note for one of the benches and the Plant department carpenter Sid cut it up into 2×1 lengths 6ft long ready for the wood for the new bench. Needless to say this was also put aside till we were ready to assemble the seat, As other activities got in the way it has taken till this year for the light of day to be shown to the wood and ends of this much liked seat.

It took two days to build and stain and looks good enough to be presented along side any that may still remain at Brixham Harbour. Another item that is going to have some attention is a Victorian Lamp post that stood outside Alan’s Uncles house for many years and is now firmly a feature of our garden, It is in need of a fresh coat of paint as the local pigeons like to perch and survey the garden.

While we are carrying out this jobs the garden needs to be looked after and the vegetables need to be tended. So plenty of work ahead yet including still looking after Club matters.

Alan and Lynne .