Lister D Restoration

1936 Lister D
by Martin and Shaun Reed.


Shaun Reed tell us the story of restoring this 1936 Lister engine.

We purchased the engine from the club stand at the Kingsfold Rally in September.

We took it over to our friends area were they cranked it over and it soon fired up. After it had been running for a while it was stopped and taken over to our car and loaded up ready to go home on the Sunday. When we got home we went out into the garden we took it into dads shed.


Over the next few days he started work taking off some of the smaller parts ready for a clean and paint.
After all these small things were removed dad started the biggest task of all cleaning it up. The paint was made up for us at our local DIY store.


Once it was all back together and painted we set about making the trolley. This was made from the dimensions from the Lister D Story. The handles have been made from a pair of old lawnmower handles that have been bent and welded into shape by our friend.

We have also made a trolley for the pump which is on long term loan to us from Gordon Dacome.
This trolley matches the one that has been made for the Engine. Just on a smaller scale.

The Transfers were purchased off EBay. When we went to change the pipe on the exhaust and silencer we cracked the Manifold into four. So we brought another one from McGowan Engineering.
The silencer we had to change because it was the narrow one and we need the wide silencer.


It is now ready for rally season.