Videos of Group Events

Videos by Group member - Phil Sheppard - "Steamwally"

 2013    Brede Pumping Station        KESR - Tenterden Station     Lower Dicker Garden Centre
                KESR - Tenterden Station    Coolings Garden Centre ( Knockholt)
                Kingsfold -  the SKWSEG annual  2 day show
2014   Kingsfold -  the  annual  2 day show                     Ringmer Show     
               Brede Pumping Station     KESR - Tenterden           Coolings Garden Centre
               Lower Dicker Garden Centre - March                   Lower Dicker  - October
2015   Lower DickerGarden Centre - February 2015
           Brede Pumping Station                      Spa Valley Railway Groombridge Station  
               S&KWSEG at Nutley Mill                           KESR Tenterden Station
               Christmas Crank Up 2015  
2016  Brede Pumping Station 07/04/16     Spa Valley Railway June 2016
              S&KWSEG 90 years of Lister D         HCVS Bring your own Jolly Farmers Pub
             Christmas Crank Up 2016
2017  Paddock Wood Garden Centre- Valentines Crank Up
               East Grinstead High Street May Day display
              Brede Pumping Station      Nutley Windmill       HCVS Evening -Jolly Farmer PH
Videos by Group member-Dean Waters -"thra5herxb12s"
2013    Lower Dicker Garden Centre
2014    Lower Dicker March 2014                             Lower Dicker - October 2014
            Highclere Country Show 2014                              Brede Giants (2014)
2015   Lower Dicker Garden Centre - February 14th  
           The Old Brook pumping Station Chatham           Brede  Giants 2015
           Halloween Crank up - Paddock Wood Garden Centre - 31st October
               AMAZING BICYCLE DYNAMO GIVES 220 VOLTS            Christmas Crank Up 2015
2016        Paddock Wood Garden Centre - Valetines-Feb 2016
           Old Brook Pumping Station Chatham - Engine Display 02/04/16
              Coolings Garden Centre - Engine Display  24/04/16
              Brede Pumping Station 07/04/16  STATIONARY ENGINES AT GROOMBRIDGE STATION
              Christmas Crank Up 2016
2017  Paddock Wood Garden Centre- Valentines Crank Up  
            Brede Steam Giants  -Engine Display     Old Brook pumping Station  3rd June
            Spa Valley Railway and Engine Display at Groombridge
            Nutley Windmill  -
              WYEVALE GARDEN CENTRE PADDOCK WOOD. stationary engine display 2017
              April Coach trip slideshows -RAF BENTWATERS former US airbase 
                                       -MASSIVE ANTIQUE TRACTOR COLLECTION
Video by Group member- Simon Taylor
A most unusual Stationary Engine -Lister B type spec 11 ( includes Brede/ EG High St 2015)

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