Restoration of a Stuart 600 - Nigel Mcburney      
                                            Part 3


The cylinder and cylinder liner came away together quite easily but the head was a different 

proposition, the head studs are secured into four lugs cast integral with the liner, and these lugs are not easily accessible. The 4 head studs went through holes in the liner lugs and into rectangular threaded nuts, the shape stops them rotating.

The holes in the lugs had been made too tight a fit on the studs and two did come loose but two had rusted solid. getting the studs out was difficult as the lugs must not be damaged, so I set the liner and head up in the mill with an assortment of home made extended drills, some with thinned down shanks I managed to drill down the centre of the studs, until the studs were drilled away and I then had to drill the remains of the studs from the lugs on the liner, the holes in the lugs were made a little larger for better clearance , stainless steel studs were made, with bronze nuts so if someone has restore it again in the distant future the studs will be easier to remove. I never did remove the liner from the head, it was not worth the risk

,though I did manage to remove most of the hard water deposits with pointed bits of steel rod now that the studs were out of the way. Most of the remaining restoration was fairly straight forward, valves needed a light grinding in, the governor balls were not very well finished so these were polished up in the lathe. The magneto was ok just needed a good clean, points filed flat with a diamond hone and a new HT lead fitted. it was amazing how this engine had run for years covered in oil and no one had noticed the the magneto chain connecting link did not have the retaining clip fitted. When setting the engine up with exhaust pipe and water pipes the exhaust flanges and the water inlet flange are set at an angle and its quite difficult to get neat and tidy pipe runs in 3/8 and 1/2 inch steel water pipe, personally I do not like old engines piped up with copper pipe, it does not look right


To be continued

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Last Updated: September 2020
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